Looking for positive energy and new resources, is there a desire for transformation? Are you familiar with the concept of "golden mean"?

From my own experience and inspiration, I propose art healing sessions to find a new path in which creativity and vitality are central! Open the door” to a richer and fuller life and write it down in your own piece of art!

What is this door” for?

  • Learn to find the resources within yourself;
  • To independently build a balance of power without ups and downs of energy;
  • Unleashing creativity in yourself; 
  • Learn to say YES and NO at any time;
  • Understand your reality and talents.

All the resources are within you, it remains only to learn how to use them for your own good.

A session is recommended if any of the following applies to you:

  • Energy and mood swings or lack thereof
  • There is an intention to disclose resources
  • No motivation to take action
  • Don't believe in your talents?
  • Where to go next?
  • Everything falls out of hand
  • Always blaming others
  • Constant pain
  • No faith in yourself?
  • Trauma

How a session takes place:

We create balance through our own work of art! Fixation of energy and vibration your creation begins to live with you. This is your reflection and you look inside yourself as in a mirror.

  1. 1
    Preparation over the phone or online (approximately 30 min)
  2. 2
    Online session - prepare and choosing material for the creative process
  3. 3
    Session in the atelier - looking for missing Earth elements
  4. 4
    Energy of the Earth: fire, water, air, ground

We find the missing element and search for sources through it!

This creative journey is accompanied by:

sounds - crystals - art objects - paint - clay - decorations - elements of the Earth - smells - tools - and a box with surprises

All these elements create balance!

Welcome to the New Era and New Resources!

This is not a show or a game, this is opening the door to your own resources still hidden from you without picking yourself up!

Your Guide to the New Era,


Time is running out, make your dreams come true today!

online 95 euros (preparation, session, after 2 weeks consolidation of the passed)

in the atelier: 120 euros (preparation, session, materials, after two weeks consolidation of the passed)

( Sessions are 1 to 1.5 hour in length )

How many sessions are required to uncover a resource? 

It depends on you, your intentions and trust in EkaterinaFrom experience and practice, one session is possible and sufficient! Perhaps a few …everything in your desire and wish.