Energy drawings - Balance in life

Personal energy of a person, balance in lines and colors in accordance with the energy of the Earth at the time of the creation of the drawing. Your energy drawing is made with a smile, but based on your real resources of energy and vibrations. It will act as your talisman. With a smile in life and with reality in your soul and heart.

There is a collection of energy drawings already available and created by me. These drawings contain energetically balanced emotions and feelings. Perhaps you will connect to such already existing drawing, for example in your search for passion, safety during travel, desire for joy, laughter, concentration.... These drawings are available in the gallery and are all unique objects. 

Price 45 - 120 euros.

If you don't connect to existing drawings, you can have one personally made for you! Come by in the gallery, or send an email with a picture of the person for who the drawing is intended. Such a visual representation of personal energy is a unique and unrepeatable gift to yourself or a friend. 

Price 50 - 120 euros.

Example of a personalised energy drawing experience...

 Experience of the day...

Energy is everything that surrounds us and we are part of it, co-owners of this power. It is the same for everyone, but unique for each person. While creating my drawings, I use the energy of the Universe and make reflections of your personal energy...during the process, I balance the energy of the day.

Perhaps you are wondering if this is so... Let me give you an example: Thijmen came for a personalised energy drawing. I created one drawing in advance without him, balancing the external energy for him. Then, together with him present, I drew another drawing, creating his inner energies in color and balance. After completing the process, I asked Thijmen to choose his drawing out of four drawings (two of which did not relate to him energetically). What happened? He simply did not pay attention to the drawings not related to him! Immediately choosing the drawing created for him! Thijmen then felt that there as something else...and found the second drawing that I created in advance. He also put them together and said that he sees them together...he again intuitively created a balace in the drawings. 

Now I ask you: Do you trust your intuition? Do you like to have this experience?