Baden Bronn

Misunderstandings between people are not due to language barriers, but a result of internal deafness to each other. The human factor is the only thing that saves us from this and allows us to find ourselves. 

Having read the book, aks yourself the question are you ready to confess, ready to highlight the most secret corners of your own "I" and come out a stronger person?

Please keep in mind that my book is currently only available in Russian.

Being an artist as well as a writer, I have incorporated illustrations in my book to better express my feelings.


Arsen Melitonyan

board member of the Union of Writers of Russia

"A novel of states: some completely new genre, a new vision - a miraculously balanced fantastic mosaic of real feelings, objective and subjective impressions, a kaleidoscope of sometimes colorful, clear and juicy, sometimes black and white and blurry, sometimes powerfully breaking reality, sometimes closing themselves in yourself, emotions.

Read the novel by Ekaterina Kryuchkova and think about whether you are ready for a public confession? Are you ready to highlight the most secret corners of your own "I", tell other people about the painful, but, not at all in order to throw out your feelings on them, but in order to show an example of a spiritual fortitude and affirmation of LIFE..."

Lola Zvonareva

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Secretary of the Writers' Union of Moscow

"Is it possible not to manipulate people and skillfully hide your problems behind a series of masks, but just live - confidingly, sincerely, trying to see only good in each of the people around you? It turns out, perhaps.

Someone will call the method proposed by the author to combat depression and nostalgia by the buzzword "art therapy".

Finishing reading this fascinating book, filled with the inner optimistic energy of creation, you understand: creativity, family and friendly communication are the three most important components of the spiritual world of the Russian person of the XXI century, who is not ready even in the era of nanotechnology to abandon the traditional values of the Golden and Silver centuries of Russian culture."